One Lovely Blog Award

I woke up this morning to a wonderful surprise: the lovely jmmcdowell has presented me with the One Lovely Blog Award. Jmmcdowell is an archaeologist-turned-novelist. Her blog about her writing is always entertaining and engaging and is one of my personal favourites – if I could I would give this award straight back to her, but I guess that would defeat the point rather. Instead I’d like to say a huge thank you to her for making my week and I strongly suggest you check out her blog here.

This award comes without any rules or requests, so I’ve decided to pass it on to five of my other favourite bloggers, in the hope it’ll make them as happy as me. I also very much liked jmmcdowell’s idea of listing some things that make me happy, so here goes…

Five things that make me happy:

Waking up to find I’ve received a blogging award!
Tea (with milk of course – I’m English) and biscuits after a long day at work
Spending time with my family (which I would get to do more often if I didn’t keep moving to far off lands!)
Lying in bed in the morning on winter mornings and listening to the rain hammering on the corrugated iron roof
Travelling and discovering new things: people, places, food, music – anything and everything

Five of my favourite wordpress blogs:
Susartandfood – Always entertaining and each entry includes an amazing recipe to encourage creativity in the kitchen
Kourtney Heinz’s Journal – a great blog from another writer – I particularly love her hilarious anecdotes about her grandma
Girl on the Contrary – a funny series of adventures updated almost daily
Everitte Barbee Arabic Calligraphy – amazing designs created using only Arabic script
Winsomebella – Beautiful writing accompanied by beautiful photographs

15 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thanks for the lovely blogger award. I’m so happy to hear you like my grandma stories. :) JM made a great decision when she gifted you with this award. You’re blog is a daily dose of insight into a foreign land. I love your ability to stay positive as you make your way in a new country.

  2. Congratulations on your fabulous award. From what I’ve read so far, it was well-earned. I look forward to really digging into your archived blog posts and learning more about beautiful Lebanon and your experiences.

  3. Congratulations India! Love your five favourite things (huh, suddenly want to break out in song, Julie Andrews style!) especially the rain on the tin roof.

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