So many words, so little time…

This week for the first time I’ve got four articles in the paper, which is great, but has left me no time to write my blog, something I’d been trying very hard to do regularly.

The work for the paper has been amazing, I really love writing every day on topics I’ve chosen, after the years at university writing about topics chosen for me.

In the past few weeks I’ve covered five art exhibitions, with another one scheduled for tomorrow, as well as three concerts, a graphic novel and a web-documentary. I’ve met some very interesting people and so far have enjoyed every stage of the process, from the preparation to the interviews to the writing.

Today I had two particularly enjoyable stories to work on, a review of American author Craig Thompson’s controversial graphic novel “Habibi,” and a story about two Norwegian guys who did a “Walk of Causes,” trekking across Lebanon from north to south in 18 days to raise awareness about 14 different local issues. Check out their fascinating series on their blog 2famous here. A particular favourite of mine is the moment in episode 6, when Matias thinks he has found gold and has a tantrum when it turns out to be a mouldy rock.

In the meantime all of this has meant that I have not responded to several people who very kindly gifted me with blog awards in the past week or so. My apologies and a huge thank you to jmmcdowell, Kourtney Heintz and Jacqueline from 6 Months to Live for nominating Bringing You Beirut for the awards below. All three of  them are great writers with very entertaining blogs, so I strongly suggest you take a look!

Thank you jmmcdowell

Thank you Kourtney Heintz

Thank you Jacqueline

I get to pass these on to some of my favorite blogs. I am also supposed to do some other stuff, everything short of dancing round a bonfire and sacrificing a goat to the goddess Bahuchara Mata (the goddess of the eunuchs known as hijras in India. Go on, look it up, I dare you). But as I have already written over 2000 words today at work I have no stomach for it in a real or imaginary sense, so without further ado I give you new, better, infinitely more appealing ways to procrastinate by clicking these links:

The Inspiring Blogger Award:

What place looks like from here – a wonderful blog about Lebanon the way I should be doing it

Me and Beirut – another local favourite

Ivy Says – an anonymous blogger with some great observations about Lebanese society

The Sunshine Award (which I’ve just noticed is for 2011 so maybe it has expired!):

Paltry Meanderings of a Taller than Average Woman – this blog has never yet failed tomake me laugh a bit too loudly.

I Know I Made You Smile – hand-drawn cartoons by Carl D’Agostino

Online Dating: The Nitty Gritty – this insight into the highs and lows of internet dating always makes me laugh

The Versatile Blogger Award:

The journal of everyday life – a great blog by a Romania fashionista

Where’s my toothbrush – a brilliant travel blog from India

Waterfalls and Caribous – a fascinating look at Korea

So honour is satisfied at last, everyone is a winner (quite literally) and I can get me some sleep before another full day of writing tomorrow. At this rate I’m going to run out of words. And no one who has ever met me has thought that that could ever happen. Ever.

9 thoughts on “So many words, so little time…

  1. Oh, but the experience is priceless! I spent part of my early 20s in Honduras and Mexico, and the experiences had such an impact on me. (And maybe show up disguised in my novels-in-progress ;) )! Congratulations on all three awards—they are very well deserved!

  2. Congrats on four articles! You’re being published. That’s such a huge huge thing. No worries about the delay in the award. I gave mine because I love your blog. It’s awesome that you passed it on though. I’ll have to check out these blogs they sound pretty amazing. :)

  3. Oh, my. What a lovely gift! Do I get all three? Really?

    I must say that reading about all the hard – and interesting – work you’re doing makes me feel a bit guilty about having so much time to pump out my blog posts. But how exciting to be paid to write about art exhibitions and concerts and cross-country treks! That’s what most of us bloggers WISH we were doing, but we aren’t, so we write for free about whatever occurs to us. Good for you for doing it for real, my dear. And congratulations on all your awards and for sharing the love. As always, your blog is bliss for me.

  4. Congratulations on your work! It sounds like you’re very busy but more importantly very satisfied! We’re loving keeping up with your blog. Thanks SO much for the award – we’re still fairly new to this whole deal so that is extremely exciting :) We’re also looking forward to checking out some of your favourite blogs!

  5. Dear Indiaaa! Je viens de voir this! Thank youuuu for liking my blog, I am really touched :-) :-) I was so happy to see you yesterday and I can confirm to your readers that you are “live” as cute and pretty as on your blog :-)

  6. Hi! Thanks for the blogger award: very thoughtful and encouraging!
    I’ll have to check out your review of Habibi in the Daily Start… I’m quite curious, I’ve heard good things about it in Montreal, but haven’t picked it up yet. Getting to know Beirut and Lebanon through arts & culture – so lucky!

    So, from what I understand from your blog, these awards are given in a chain reaction?
    (PS: Waterfallsandcaribous: I love your style and photos and blog name!

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