Off to India

My blog is going to take a short hiatus from bringing you Beirut, and bring you Kathmandu, Mumbai, Varanasi and several other places instead.

We leave for Nepal tonight with no guide book, no idea where we’re going to stay or what we’re going to do, and as yet have not packed or cleaned the house or make any of the other necessary arrangements – it promises to be an adventure, if nothing else!

Stay tuned.


13 thoughts on “Off to India

  1. Hi there. I just wanted to let you know that I have given you the Liebster Award. Please got to to read more about it. Basically you will link to me on your blog and nominate 5 bloggers you like with under 200 readers (this may or may not be true – I don’t know always how to tell). Anyhow, I enjoy reading your stories so this is my way of showing it :)

  2. I am here simply driven towards your blog with your Gravatar picture! So lovely.

    And, if you visit Varanasi and need some help, just in case, just ping me. I have a phone number of someone who can help. I am sure, as you said, you will make it with ‘no guide book, no idea where we’re going to stay or what we’re going to do’! Love your blog. Will keep coming in to read some stuff. :)

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