Strolling the streets of Patan

On our last day in Nepal Everitte and I decided to pay a visit to Patan, a city very close to Kathmandu with its own Durbar square, one of the Kathmandu Valley’s seven UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The city was originally built in the shape of the Buddhist Dharma Chakra, or Wheel of Righteousness, and is, if possible, even more full of beautiful old temples than Kathmandu.

The old part of the city is pedestrian, which makes a refreshing change, and made the couple of hours we spent wandering the city’s ancient cobbles a peaceful as well as a beautiful experience.

I am unable to let sleeping dogs lie

Patan is a city of carved wood – balconies, old walls, the struts of temples – everywhere you look you see beautifully carved wooden facades and figurines.

After a visit to a square with a rather garish modern Buddha statue…

…we made our way to the Golden Temple, a Buddist temple precided over by a series of young boys under twelve, each of whom fulfils the role for a single month. It is also known as the turtle temple as several small turtles apparently wander the inside at will – sadly we didn’t see any, though Everitte spent a long time determinedly searching.

Everitte looking soulful - he may have been having a religious experience... or he may have been thinking about masala chai

After the Golden Temple we made our way to look at a rare 5 layered pagoda:

A rare 5 level pagoda - one of only 2 in the Kathmandu valley

..and eventually we made our way to Patan’s Durbar Square, in my opinion even more beautiful than the one in Kathmandu (from the little we saw of it!)

Though our visit was rather rushed it was long enough to ascertain that Patan is a beautiful town – in many ways a more pleasant place to explore on foot than old Kathmandu. Our short trip was a lovely way to finish off our first visit to Nepal and I highly recommend it!

11 thoughts on “Strolling the streets of Patan

  1. I love your photos and the commentary that goes along with them! I so miss traveling when I stop over here. But I get to live vicariously through your terrific posts. Patan was stunning. All that carved wood, so much time and energy to create something gorgeous.

  2. Once again another post that makes just wanna carry my camera go out there and explore a new street , let alone a new city !! :) thanks for sharing !! enjoyed it a lot and can’t wait until you bring me beirut again ;)

  3. I adore Nepal. The mixture of cultures and the influences from both India as well as China/Tibet are amazing. The people are some of the friendliest that I’ve ever met. Your pictures are beautiful, by the way!

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