Two Easters in Lebanon

One week back in Beirut and I’m struggling to get back into a routine now that I’m not in the office everyday. I’ve spent a lot of my time baby-sitting little Sam, celebrating his first ever easter by decorating the little tree on the balcony with easter decorations (Sam was far more interested in the packaging that the decorations) and dying eggs to make a colourful easter basket. Sam loved the dye, as he is going through a phase where he is obsessed with water, and very much enjoyed splashing the colours all over me, himself, the table, the floor, his high-chair and everything else in a three-metre radius.

Lebanon is a good place to celebrate your first Easter – due to the high numbers of both Eastern and Western Christians both Easters are celebrated, so Sam will get to experience his first and second easter within a week of each other!

In the meantime I have also started writing freelance for the paper – sadly I’m not enjoying it as much working from home as I was in the office, mainly because I cannot seem to make myself work. In the office it would have taken me a couple of hours to type up a review – in the last two days at home I have managed two sentences… Might be time to start going to a cafe to work. But on the plus side for the first time somebody is actually going to pay me for my writing!

…All in all it’s good to be back.



18 thoughts on “Two Easters in Lebanon

  1. Two Easters in my family, too, with my father having been Catholic and my mother being Orthodox. The last photo looks like the Orthodox eggs. :) But how did you keep the furniture white?! Adorable photos of young Sam!

    • Just luck really – thank god none got on the white sofa, but some did get on the chair covers. It’s supposed to be washable though and it has all come out of my skirt thanks to Sam’s mother kindly washing it in the machine. Not sure that hand-washing would have cut it this time!

  2. Congratulations (for getting paid for your writing!).

    I think you should give a try to going to a café to work. Maybe Beirut has something similar to this wonderful place I found recently in Stockholm:

    Your story also reminded me of my time in the Balkans where we could also celebrate the Catholic and Orthodox Easters every year. And I remember a year where both Easters were on the same week. I was in a small town in Vojvodina at the time, where there is a catholic church and an orthodox church on the same square. The two churches decided to celebrate a joint Easter service on the square that year. A powerful message when one thinks about recent history in the region.

    • That must have been an amazing Easter – I think that joint service must have done a lot for Christians on both sides in the way of demonstrating how to practice what you preach. That coffee shop does look amazing. Maybe I should turn my flat into a coffice so that I am actually at work at all times…? Or I could just start going to a local coffee shop run by someone else… Decisions, decisions.

  3. I love dying easter eggs! When I was younger I used to play with the dyes on papertowels and once they dried we hung them on the fridge. :)

    It’s hard to keep on track when working from home. It helps if you have a specific space or you arrange the space for “work mode.” I also start with a to-do list and set time deadlines for when things have to be done. And I make myself stick to them to prove I can accomplish x in y amount of time. I make it a bit of a game–where I compete with myself. Do I sound like a total dork? :)

    • Haha. No, that sounds like a good idea. I am extremely competitive, so maybe competing with myself would be a good motivation. It helps if I have a deadline… then again I have to file a story in the next hour and I’m on here instead of editing it, so perhaps even that is not enough!

  4. We also celebrate two easters, raised in Roman catholicism and our beloved mother is greek orthodox . So april is always a “special” month.

  5. Hi,
    I also studied in Damascus. With Soas. I guess around the time you were there. I was there 08/09, what about you?
    In any case I’m living in Hamra right now. I’ve just been having a read through of your blog and there’s a ton of stuff I’d like to talk to you about, not the least of which is graffiti (great article by the way.) I see this last post was a little while ago so I hope you’re still around. Anyway please drop me an e-mail and let’s go out for a drink if you have time.

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