Healing Images – Beirut’s Graffiti

A couple of people expressed interest in seeing more of Beirut’s graffiti. In my previous post on Beirut’s Street Art I posted pictures of the art around Hamra and Gemmayzeh, two central, residential districts of Beirut. In the process of researching my article on graffiti in Beirut for Hibr online I subsequently made a trip to Karantina, one of Beirut’s industrial areas out by the port, in order to photograph the graffiti art there, which is a lot bigger and more impressive, as artists go there to bomb the ugly concrete walls along the main road in and out of Beirut so that people see their work on their boring commutes to and from work from Northern Lebanon.

A skeleton road-sweeper surrounded by ravens on the side of a bullet-ridden building

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Beirut’s Street Art

I am in the process of researching an article about Beirut’s graffiti, and been photographing street art all around the city for the past few weeks. Of the first things that struck me about Beirut when I arrived was the volume and quality of the street art, which is not only in the industrial areas of the city such as Quarantina, but also in the richer and more upmarket areas, such as Hamra and Achrefieh. As a picture is worth 1000 words I’ll let these images speak for themselves.

A man in army uniform holds a sign reading 'I love corruption' in Arabic

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