Beirut Snapshots: contemporary oriental music meets studio 54 and Lebanon’s Costa Concordia

Back to work yesterday after a weekend which cannot really be called a break from work, but was nevertheless a lot of fun. After a busy but very enjoyable week at the Daily Star, where I had the opportunity to write lots of culture articles, I spent Friday night baby-sitting. Samuele is used to me by now, which makes life easier when it comes to getting him to sleep. I am growing to love him dearly, though I do think he thinks he’s a dog, as evidenced by his reaction when I try to wash his face which is to lick me enthusiastically. He also took his chance while I was reaching for the towel and decided the simplest way to dry his face was just to wipe it energetically on the shoulder of my jumper, while attempting to chew it at the same time, thus proving his ability to multitask.

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One Lovely Blog Award

I woke up this morning to a wonderful surprise: the lovely jmmcdowell has presented me with the One Lovely Blog Award. Jmmcdowell is an archaeologist-turned-novelist. Her blog about her writing is always entertaining and engaging and is one of my personal favourites – if I could I would give this award straight back to her, but I guess that would defeat the point rather. Instead I’d like to say a huge thank you to her for making my week and I strongly suggest you check out her blog here.

This award comes without any rules or requests, so I’ve decided to pass it on to five of my other favourite bloggers, in the hope it’ll make them as happy as me. I also very much liked jmmcdowell’s idea of listing some things that make me happy, so here goes… Continue reading