Inside the President’s House: Lebanon’s Ottoman Palace

Just after Christmas Everitte and I took a day trip with my family to Beiteddine, an Ottoman palace which is now the summer residence of the President of the Republic of Lebanon (to give him his full and proper title!)

It is a beautiful old building, with the traditional Ottoman mosaics, Islamic decoration and carved wooden ceilings, doors and screens, as well as a beautiful courtyard with fountains and water-features.

The palace took 30 years to complete and was built between 1788 and 1818.

Beautiful rainbows in the harem, the traditional women's quarters

The old hammam or bath house

An elaborate mosaic in the grounds of Beiteddine palace

15 thoughts on “Inside the President’s House: Lebanon’s Ottoman Palace

  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures. They are stunning. Isn’t it amazing how much craftsmanship was put into architecture in the past? You don’t see anything like that anymore. So intricate and awe-inspiring.

  2. Wow those rainbow stain glass windows are so beautiful! Can anyone visit the palace? Its pretty cool visiting a place where the President spends his summers!

    • The palace is open to the public (though you do have to pay a small entrance fee). They also have the Beiteddine music festival there each summer so lots of big names come to perform in the open air. I guess the President is just cool with it… or he lives in some sound-proofed rooms at the back somewhere!

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